Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Book Review #693 - Obernewtyn (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #1) by Isobelle Carmody

In a world struggling back from the brink of apocalypse, life is harsh. And for Elspeth Gordie, it is also dangerous. That's because Elspeth has a secret: she is a Misfit, born with mysterious mental abilities that she must keep hidden under threat of death. And her worries only multiply when she is exiled to the mountain compound known as Obernewtyn, where—for all her talents—Elspeth may finally and truly be out of her depth. Then she learns she’s not the only one concealing secrets at Obernewtyn.

My Rating: 3/5

This is the first book in 7 book long high fantasy series that I have heard so many good things about. 

The first book in a series is usually where the author introduces the characters, setting, plot etc. This book was no different except that I felt like I was being told rather than shown all this which left me disengaged at times. 

Elspeth, the narrator was an unique character. She was rather unpredictable in her behaviour and she contradicted herself through her behaviour numerous times throughout the book.

I loved the setting of the mountains and the bush land even though I think it could have been described better. 

As I mentioned before, the story is mainly told rather than shown which made the book feel incredibly slow. The author did write this book when she was still in high school so I am definitely going to continue on with the series to see if the story gets better as the author matures and develops. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Book Review #692 - The Crown (The Selection #5) by Kiera Cass


In The Heir, a new era dawned in the world of The Selection. Twenty years have passed since America Singer and Prince Maxon fell in love, and their daughter is the first princess to hold a Selection of her own.

Eadlyn didn’t think she would find a real partner among the Selection’s thirty-five suitors, let alone true love. But sometimes the heart has a way of surprising you…and now Eadlyn must make a choice that feels more difficult—and more important—than she ever expected.

My Rating: 3/5

The cliffhanger from The Heir is quickly dealt with in the first few pages, enabling the story to continue it is usual fast manner. 

I loved that America and Maxon had a larger role in this book especially being able to see how their relationship has evolved. 

Due to circumstances, Eadlyn doesn't interact very much with any of the Selection boys in this book. There are other events in her life that make the Selection less important.

This causes her to have another mass elimination of the Selection. It was during this moment that I realised that I didn't really prefer any of them over the others. 

The guy Eadlyn ends up choosing at the end was no real surprise to me as I felt like he was the only one she even had remotely any chemistry with even though that chemistry was skimmed over or downplayed. 

The ending felt rather rushed and I was disappointed with the amount of unanswered questions I was left with, particularly to do with Eadlyn's decision about the monarchy. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Book Review #691 - Rebellion (The 100 #4) by Kass Morgan

Centuries after nuclear war destroyed our planet, humanity struggles to rebuild. It’s been a month since the dropships landed and the Colonists joined the Hundred on the ground. The teens, once branded juvenile delinquents, are now leaders among their people.

The Colonists and the Earthborns are celebrating their first holiday together when, to everyone’s horror, they’re attacked by a group of strangers whose unusual battle cries fill the air. The newcomers kill scores of people, seize prisoners, and pillage crucial supplies. When hotheaded Bellamy and his analytical girlfriend Clarke discover that Wells, Octavia and Glass have been captured, they vow to get them back at all costs. But as they go after their new enemies, Bellamy and Clarke find themselves increasingly at odds, unable to agree on a plan to save their friends. 

Meanwhile, Wells, Octavia, and Glass are being slowly brainwashed by their captors, religious fanatics with one goal: to grow their ranks and “heal” the war-ravaged planet… by eliminating everyone else on it.

But centuries of radiation exposure have taken their toll, forcing the cult to take drastic steps to survive. And unless the rescue party arrives soon, the teen captives will face a fate more terrifying than anything they could imagine. In this thrilling fourth installment, the hundred fight to protect the people they love on the dangerous planet they always dreamed of calling home.

My Rating: 3.5/5

This book was released about 2 years after the initial trilogy and doesn't add anything to the overall story. 

The plot in this book is nothing we haven't seen before. A new threat kidnaps some of Clarke's friends, and Clarke and the remaining friends go on a quest to rescue the kidnapped friends. 

Whilst the plot was really basic, I just loved being back in this world and surrounded by these familiar characters. 

I would absolutely love if the author decided to continue on with the series but overall I am satisfied with how it ended.