Thursday, January 5, 2017

Book Review #671 - Nightmares! (Nightmares #1) by Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller


Eleven-year-old Charlie Laird is desperate for a good night’s sleep - or even just a nap. Ever since he moved into his stepmother’s mysterious purple mansion, Charlie’s life has become a living nightmare.

A terrifying witch haunts every second of his sleep and now the dread that fills his dreams is creeping into the waking world. As President Fear and his fellow Nightmares feed off the unease that is spreading rapidly across the town, the Nightmare world threatens to take over.

Only by finding the courage to face their deepest, darkest fears can Charlie and his friends conquer the creatures of the night and save the day.

My Rating: 3/5

I haven't read a fiction book written by a celebrity before and so I was a little skeptical of the writing quality. I would say that the writing was rather patchy but it was better than what I had been expecting. 

Charlie, the protagonist is going through a hard time. His father has remarried and both his father and younger brother seem quite happy to have his new step-mother replace his real mother. 

Charlie is also not happy that his father decided to move them into the step-mother's house as not only does it not hold any memories of his mother but the new, creepy house starts giving him nightmares. 

Because of the lack of sleep and resentment towards his family, Charlie is quite mean to them through the first portion of the book. The authors did a good job at not making Charlie too unreasonable whilst expressing his feelings. I found that I didn't hate Charlie here like most readers seem to have. 

When Charlie's nightmares begin, this is where the story really picks up. When Charlie has a nightmare, his soul goes to the Netherworld. When Charlie's nightmares escalate and seem very real, Charlie opens the portal between the Netherworld and the waking world. 

This portal leads Charlie on an adventure that enables him to face his fears and conquer them. He meets many different types of creatures along the way including the son of Medusa. 

This book conveys strong messages of confronting your fears and the importance of family. 

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